Puzzle – win an exam training!!

The Panessay has brought another fun puzzle to do during your study breaks and is a nice way to refresh your medical knowledge!

This edition is extra special since you can win a Tentamen Training session for the summer resit OR, if you’re passing everything with flying colours, you can win a Tentamen Training session for the first exam you have next school year. So make sure to fill in the puzzle, find out the winning word, and submit it through the form (scan the QR code!) and maybe you’ll be the lucky winner!

The winning word:

Did the theme turn out to be harder than you thought? Or do you need mor support? Or do you just want to learn what we offer?

Then we have the right thing for you! We offer training and free masterclasses! Lessons are taught by experienced teachers, they are ready to help you prepare for you exams and answer all your questions!


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